A shoe is an item of footwear. Shoes may vary from a simple flip-flop to a complex boot. Shoe materials include leather, rubber, canvas, ….

A standard process to describe a shoe creation from concept, design to manufacturing is represented at the Process page.

The aim of this wiki is to address the shoe and its production process from the point of view of the customization.

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Further information concerning types and categories of shoes is also offered at the Shoe Types page.

Shoe parts:
Sole - Insole - Outsole - Midsole - Heel - Upper

assemblingShoe.png The shoe assembly is a labor intensive task
meant to put together the shoe parts.
To see more details go to the Shoes Manufacturing page.

Additional information concerning the terminology used to describe discrete parts of a shoe is also provided
in the Shoe Component Terminology page.

See also:
Process, Customization

It’s possible to find a description of the main kinds of shoes at Wikipedia - Shoe

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