Professional Shoes

Professional shoes are designed to provide certain functions that correspond to the needs of a people practicing a specific profession. The shoe's characteristics are determined each time by the specifications set by the working conditions under which they must function. Thus, it is apparent that professional shoes are separated into categories depending on the kind of work they are meant to enable and support. Indicatively, certain types of professional shoes are listed below:

Combat boots: These shoes are boots designed to be worn by soldiers during actual combat or combat training. They are designed to provide combination features such as grip enhancement, ankle stability and foot protection suitable for rough terrain. Combat boots are typically made of hardened, and often waterproofed leather, while various technologies, such as nylon side-pads are used to offer additional improvements such as increased comfort and better ventilation. Frequently they are specialized for certain climates and conditions, such as jungles, desserts, cold weather etc.

Nursing shoes: Comfortable, casual footwear, usually of white color, that is worn by nursing staff in health facilities such as hospitals, nursing homes etc. Nursing shoes provide support to the foot when the individual remains standing up for a long time, a common situation for nurses. Additionally, they are usually easy to clean, since they must be maintained so as to obey the rules of hygiene in health facilities.

Firefighter boots: These shoes are boots designed especially for use by firefighters. Firefighters' feet face an enormous amount of hazards at a fire scene, and the boots must be able to handle a variety of burns and blows. These boots are required to be outfitted with safety toes and are usually made of either leather or rubber. One of their most crucial features is a puncture resistant midsole plate aiming to prevent puncture from sharp objects that may be stepped on in the line of duty.

Steel-toe boots: These shoes are durable boots that are used mostly in the construction industry and in many industrial settings. They have a protective reinforcement in the toe, usually combined with a sole-plate that protect the foot from falling objects or punctures from below. The reinforcements are traditionally made of steel, but can also be made of composite material, or certain types of plastic.

Waders: These shoes are boots that are designed to be worn mainly by fishermen, but are also worn by many ecologists and environmental scientists that do tests in swamps or rivers. Waders are typically made from rubber and completely cover the legs, up to the top of the thighs, or often all the way up to the waist, and for this reason they are also referred to as hip-boots. They aim to protect from water and permit wading out into deeper waters without the lower body members getting wet or cold.