Unisex Shoes

There are numerous shoe types that are worn both by men and women, these shoes are referred to as Unisex shoes. Numerous shoe styles can be found in this category, the most popular and common of which are listed below:

Boots: Long shoes, covering the ankle and usually some portion (frequently all of) the calves. Boots are usually made of leather but there are also numerous boots that are made from other materials such as fabrics, plastic and other synthetic ,materials.

Sandals: Open shoes, consisting of a sole and various straps to fasten the shoe to the foot. The straps can be found in various sizes and materials, although the most popular sandal material is leather. The straps often have buckles to assist in fastening the footwear.

Moccasins: Soft shoes, without a heel, usually made of leather.

Loafers: Shoes without laces that usually have tassels, buckles or coin holders. Loafers can be considered both casual and dress shoes depending on the materials used and the specific design of the shoe.

Boating shoes: Shoes similar to loafers, but of more casual nature. Laces, if present, are simple. Boating shoes are often made of canvas with a white sole, but this is not always the case, and they can be found in various colors and materials. They have very soft soles and heels.

Slippers: Shoes for indoor use only. Slippers are soft shoes, made of fabric or leather, with interior lining to help keep the foot warm and comfortable. They are usually worn with pijamas.

Clogs: Comfortable slip-on shoes, often made out of leather. Some clogs keep the bottom part made out of wood, while all-rubber clogs are often worn while gardening, because they can be easily hosed off and allowed to air dry. Certain clogs come with heels, and are usually distinguished from mules b y their higher vamp.

Kiltie shoes: Casual shoe with a fringed tongue that overlaps, fastening at the instep.

Espadrille: Canvas shoe characterized by a woven rope sole. They are held on the foot by a lace tied around the ankle. It is possible for esparilles to have soles of various thickness, and in some cases are reminiscent of platforms of wedges (usually in the cases of certain espadrille styles worn by women).

Huarache: Huaraches are a type of sandal. They are open shoes, consisting of a sole and an upper part of woven leather straps.

Ombre: French for "shaded" ombre shoes feature uppers or other components that shift from light to dark, or appear to gradually fade from one color to another.

Spectators: Shoes made of two or more discrete materials or colors, pinked edging and perforated details. Traditionally the most common color combination for spectators was black and white, and they always featured perforated accents that had been edged by cut with pinking shears. However, in more recent years, the term "spectators" is used to describe shoes that use any two colors (even without pinked edges), or any two materials with perforated details and pinked edges (even if they're the same color).